Arabian Nights Ring


A R A B I A N    N I G H T S    R I N G

Enter a realm of enchantment through the "Arabian Nights" ring by Astrid Montague.  Designed with meticulous artistry, this substantial solid gold ring unveils a 11x9mm pink sapphire, emerald or citrine coloured stone radiating an aura of pure magic.

Resonating with the allure of tales from Arabian Nights, the gemstone casts a mesmerising spell, showcasing a kaleidoscope of colours that gracefully dance and shimmer in the light.

Whether you're commemorating a special occasion or indulging in the sheer pleasure of treating yourself, the harmonious fusion of colour and sparkle is sure to turn heads and make a statement.

Our handmade solid gold pieces are made to last forever. Solid gold will not oxidise or discolour, so you can wear your jewellery every day, everywhere.


9ct Solid Gold 


11x9mm Syn Pink Sapphire  

11x9mm Citrine

11x9mm Hyrdo Emerald 

To request alternative gemstones, gold colour or carats please email: 


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