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Care Instructions

Astrid Montague Jewellery uses only premium quality solid gold, silver and stones, therefore the colour and condition of your treasure will not oxidise or tarnish over time.

This jewellery has be specifically designed so that you never have to take it off.

Keep this in mind with any of our cuffs, as they aren’t made to be frequently taken off and on, so be extra gentle and avoid manipulating the shape too dramatically or it may become weak in the middle.

To further ensure the longevity of your treasure, some basic care instructions apply.

After swimming in the deep blue ocean, we recommend rinsing off your pieces with cold water to remove the salty sea water.

You may use a silver and gold cloth to polish your pieces, however be sure to avoid contact with any stones.

Depending on the conditions of your voyage, you may incur some scratches and scars along the way.

Should you need to rebuff or restore your pieces, just simply send them our way and for a small service fee, we will have them looking brand new.

If you’re not wearing your jewellery, keep it stored in a dry, safe, airtight container to maintain the radiance of the finish.

Enjoy AMJ xx