5ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet


5ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet


our new favourite piece of frosting: our timeless 5ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet

the ultimate statement of luxury and sophistication. 

Crafted from 9ct White Gold and adorned with 56 pieces of brilliant round Lab Diamonds, each measuring 2.80mm, in E-F colour and SI clarity, elegantly dancing along its 18.5cm length, finished with a double sided safety clasp.

We have chosen an ethical and sustainable approach for our diamonds.                 

Lab diamonds are conflict free and environmentally friendly. They're identical to mined diamonds with same chemical crystal structure, optical properties and durability as mined diamonds. 

To make custom changes such as yellow and rose gold, 18ct gold, or alternative diamonds or bracelet length, please email us at astrid@astridmontague.com  

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