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Copy of Our Philosophy

"We’ve designed a range that is putting an end to disposable jewellery. We were tired of seeing the influx and saturation of cheap gold plated jewellery with a shelf life that consumers would only dispose of months later. We've come up with a luxurious range using premium materials (i.e. solid gold and silver) that are affordable, won't tarnish & will actually last"
Tired of buying disposable plated jewellery 
I believe it’s important for consumers to know what they are buying. There’s a misinterpretation when it comes to plated gold jewellery, there’s so many confusing roundabout ways in descriptions that people don’t know what they are buying anymore.
What's the problem with gold plated jewellery? 

Gold plated jewellery will unfortunately tarnish over time, in comparison to solid gold items that will not tarnish at all. Gold plated items have a base metal underneath the gold plating, like copper or silver, which essentially means it's dipped in a layer of gold that will inevitably wear down leaving residue on the skin not to mention losing its initial lustre that was sought out in the first place. 

Our collections are predominately made using solid gold with the exception of a few affordable high quality Vermeil plated pieces (Gold vermeil has a plating layer ~5 times thicker than most gold plating making it longer lasting. With the added thickness, gold vermeil is far more durable than gold-plated jewelry, giving the great balance between cost and quality). We understand the desire for fast fashion and affordable costume pieces, but at the end of the day when seeking sustainable jewellery you can have forever, we will always encourage customers to invest in solid gold pieces. 

Astrid Montague's inspiration comes from the intention that jewellery should be made to withstand anything that modern life throws at it. Our diverse collections are designed to be seen and enjoyed whatever the circumstances. To accompany you alongside your daily rituals, to be apart of your expression, to be apart of you. Wear your jewellery for your morning swims, during yoga class, sweat and shower in them without the fear of them tarnishing over time.


Forget the rules when it comes to how and when you should wear your favourite jewelry - The Astrid Montague collections are made from real gold and are made to be worn, not taken off. 
Treat yourself and convert to quality.